A Checklist for an Outdoor Wedding

The benefit of planning an outdoor reception is that you can pick any place you want and wear whatever you want without worrying about the free dates for venue reservation or fretting over the dress code. But there is still a lot to plan. Here are some ideas for your outdoor reception planning.

Seating Area

If your venue is located in an area where the weather is unpredictable, it is better to have a tent so that you don’t have to worry about a sudden rain or too much heat. Try to buy strong, waterproof tents so that the rain and wind will not bother your celebrations. If it is summer add some portable air conditioning units or fans to make your guests comfortable. Usually, Wedding hire items including tents, chairs and tables can be brought in all shapes and sizes so you can select any design, depending on what type of style you need.


You won’t need much decoration as the beautiful scenery itself will perfect the romantic setting but since you are outside you need some items to finish the look of the tent. Some curtains, chandeliers, and tiebacks can be rented easily for this task. You won’t need huge flower arrangements but a small vase to decorate the tables will be an added touch. If you are renting all these items, you also need to have someone in charge of them so that they can be returned safely after the celebrations are over. It is better to decide this in advance and appoint a friend or a relative to complete this duty.


While there will be enough natural light during the daytime, light is very much needed if the celebrations are going on till late night. To set the romantic mood you can be a bit creative with lighting. Add fairy lights and globe string lights around the tent and paper lanterns, mason jars or tea lights hanging from branches or decorating the pathway. Tree wraps or curtain lights can also add more beauty to the venue. To avoid any accidents with electricity, get an electrician to look around the tent and the surrounding before setting up the lights.


Another benefit of outdoor celebrations is that you can test new ideas for your menu. A carnival inspired menu, BBQ inspire menu or iced tea bar are some items you will never consider at an indoor reception. But they can be perfect when celebrating your special day outside. Try to add non-alcoholic drinks such as lemonade and enough cold water if the day falls in the midst of a hot summer. Discuss the arrangements with your caterers as they will probably need a separate tent for the preparations.


Both the bride and the groom, as well as the bridesmaids and groomsmen, can have simple and comfortable attire. When you are outside under the sun, large puffy dresses or tuxedos won’t go well with the atmosphere and you will be sweltering. You also have the choice of going informal with your attire. The hairstyles and the makeup too need to be as light and as simple as possible.

An outdoor wedding is a perfect celebration to plan if you want your special day to be simple and quiet but also unique and entertaining. Follow these ideas and create the look you have been always dreaming of about your day.