Best Fabrics to Wear During the Warmer Months in Australia

Unlike in the northern hemisphere, the warmer months are early in the year for the southern hemisphere. Australia is significantly warm all year round, even in winter compared to countries in Europe. In any case, the best fabrics for the country should be light and breathable. If you are travelling in Australia during the holidays, don’t pack thick material such as velvet. Here is a list of several types of fabric best suited for warm weather in Australia:


Cotton is known as an all-weather fabric. The material is fabulously associated with comfort regardless of the weather. Most summer clothes are made from cotton for a reason. As a natural fabric, cotton has excellent breathability levels that will keep your skin cool. The fabric can be thick or thin depending on the type of dress you buy. Cotton is also highly affordable compared to most synthetic fabrics. If you are shopping for the best summer clothes, then start by looking for cotton tops and dresses.


Silk has a glamorous reputation and a long history as a beloved fabric. Silk is made from natural fibre, like cotton. Unlike cotton though, silk is known for retaining body heat and dampness. That’s why you find so many winter undergarments made from silk. However, silk is also a highly suitable garment for the summer. The fabric is, of course, very soft to the touch and has an elegant sheen. Most silk clothing online for the hot seasons sport loose-fitting designs that keep the heat out. Silk feels quite luxurious on skin so it gets ranked among the top of the best fabrics for the hot weather.

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Linen is known as one of the lightest and most comfortable fabrics out there. The main advantage of this clothing material is that it’s very breathable. That means the fabric allows excellent airflow between your skin and the fabric layer. So your skin can stay dry without getting that damp, stuffy feeling on hot and humid days. Linen also has a very pleasing texture that’s just heavenly to the touch. Linen also dries fast after getting wet. Linen is quite notorious for wrinkling, but most woven new linen fabrics are less prone to this than linen your grandmother may have known.


Rayon is a synthetic fabric, but it is made using chemically processed fibres derived from all natural cellulose. Rayon is comparable to cotton and linen in the comfort levels. The biggest advantage of rayon is that the fabric can absorb humidity levels, which makes it the perfect fabric for sweaty summer days. If you are facing tropical heat, wear clothes made out of rayon.

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In conclusion, the best types of fabrics for warm Australian weather should mainly be lightweight. Choose fabrics that feel light to the hand when buying clothes. Natural fibres mentioned above, like linen, are perfect for warm weather because of the material’s ability to be airy. Obviously, you would want to be comfortable in the heat without having sweat stick to the skin. Therefore, choose your summer clothes from the fabrics listed above. Also, choose loose-fitting outfits that allow your skin to breathe.