How to Be Good Citizen

As a person we need to realize that we should actually be grateful that we can identify ourselves as a person from our mother country (whatever it might be). You should be proud to call yourself American, Australian, Canadian and even Sri Lankan. Your country gives you a distinguishing identity that no one can take away from you. So as a citizen of that nation you need to make sure you equally contribute for gaining this right and identity. Here are some ways you could do so.


Volunteering is one of the best ways any person can give back to their country and society. While you might or might not get a lot in return, you need to give to be happy. Not all of us might be able to donate huge funds to build hospital buildings like bashirdawood but that doesn’t mean we can’t help in other ways. if there’s a blood donation day conducted, be a part of it or if there’s a cleanup done in your village, make sure you help out. You’ll certainly be surprised at how these little things could go a long way!

Be Truthful

You should be someone that anyone can trust. These days finding someone you can trust is very hard and that has made people also to grow in a way where they are wary of each and every one they meet. They don’t trust easily… Don’t be such a person, instead be trustful and trustworthy in every way only then can you be one step closer to being that good citizen you aim at being!

Stick To The Rules

There are certain rules and regulations set up by the law and society for your own benefit. You might think it is certainly not cool to follow rules, but what you don’t realize is that following rules is the new cool! There is not anything positive that you are going to gain out of breaking them, other than the temporary rebellious feeling. You think graffiti-ing on the walls of the subway is cool? Think about the person who is going to get fired because of you. The public property you destroy are those that you indirectly pay for, so protect them and stick to the rules!

Be Nice

It doesn’t hurt to say some nice words to make a person’s day rather than cursing them out. So be nice to people and try to understand the situation they are coming from. Even if you aren’t wealthy enough to help them out, you can give them a listening ear, and that is what most people want these days…

Follow the above and be the good citizen any person would want you to be!