How to Save Money on Hot Water?

We all love those long hot water showers and baths. But the energy expenditure requires for generating hot water is often expensive. If your household uses a lot of hot water, expect eye-popping electricity bills each month. If hot water usage amounts to a hefty percentage of your household’s energy bill, here are several tips that will help you reduce costs:

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Lower the Temperature of Hot Water

Everyone loves warm showers but no one wants scalding hot showers. You can significantly reduce the overall cost of hot water by reduce the temperature of the water you use. Keeping the water temperature at 50 Celsius degrees is ideal for household requirements without increasing the cost. You can save up to 5 percent of the cost of water heating for each 10 degrees Celsius that you lower. Learn to use mild to moderately warm water instead of extremely hot water. If the water is too hot, it can damage your skin, plumbing, and appliances like the dishwasher or the washing machine.

Switch to PV for Heating the Pool

Getting hot water for the pool sounds luxurious. But most people avoid this because of the associated costs. However, if you buy a solar pool heater, you can eliminate the hefty costs of getting hot water to the pool. Not only will you save money on the bills, it’s the most eco-friendly option as well. You only need to find a reputable photovoltaic equipment vendor to install the system. The initial investment will be well justified by the money you save on heating later.

Buy a Modern Water Heater

Is your water heater a model designed before 1992? Then it may not meet some of the new standards in the industry. Modern water heaters are energy efficient and also much safer to use. Therefore, to truly save money on hot water, consider upgrading your ageing water heater.

Insulate the Storage Tank of the Heater

If the storage tank is uncovered, the heater will have to expend more energy to keep the water from getting cool. Therefore, you can reduce the power consumption, and thus costs, by insulating the hot water storage tank. This should be done very carefully and only after reading the manufacturer’s guidelines. The type of insulation will depend on the type of tank you have. In electric water heaters, for example, you should never cover the thermostat when insulating. Call in the professionals to make sure you insulate it properly.

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Consider Installing a Heat Trap

A heat trap for the tank of your water heater costs only a pittance. You can buy a long-lasting product for under $50. If your water heater doesn’t already include one, buy one to reduce the overall power consumption. You will be able to enjoy hot water each morning without driving up the costs.

Overall, it’s also advisable to keep your hot water usage to an adequate minimum. It’s very easy to waste hot water when showering a taking a bath. You might like a feel of the warm water on skin, but don’t indulge too much and waste water. Use the above tips to reduce costs of hot water, but don’t overuse this facility either.