What You Should Maintain Regularly In Your Car

Just like the human body needs to be maintained on a regular basis, your car too needs to be taken care of. And just like different parts of your body benefits from different types of nutrition and care, your car too needs specific maintenance depending on the specific part. All in all, it is essential that you check up on it regularly, so you not only get to enjoy the most of it but also are assured of its safety when in operation. If you are a first-time car owner, however, you may be understandably confused about what you need to keep an eye on throughout. Take a look at the list below, which covers the core parts of your car.



Without oil, your car simply will not function. It is also important to remember that leaving old oil in there for weeks on end is not the solution either. Not only should oil be filled in, it should also be clean. You can use a dipstick to check the level of oil daily. If you need to change it, take it to your mechanic first, at least until you know how to do it yourself. Remember that expired and poor quality oil will destroy your engine, which in the long-term will cost you a substantial loss, so ensure you take this very seriously.


The Brakes

Quite frankly the brakes are one of the most important things you need to check up on regularly. If you are looking for an automatic gearbox specialist Brisbane for example, then make sure you also look for someone who is a pro with brakes while you at it. Preferably from the same place so you need not keeping rushing from one spot to another. So instead of waiting for your brakes to screech, have them regularly tested out. After all, they help prevent accidents so you may want to consider this on top of your priorities.



You cannot communicate with every single person on the road, which is why vehicles come with lights. Your lights are one way… actually one of the main ways to deliver signals to everyone else. Turning right? No problem. Turning left? No problem. The car broke down? Also no problem. No matter what you want to communicate, your lights will help you do so. Problem is when your lights stop working, then you cannot really do that, can you? Which is why your lights too need to be replaced immediately if broken and should be monitored on a regular basis as well.



If your tyres do not have the right pressure for starters, then your car will not be able to function as efficiently as it can. It will consume more fuel but not perform as well, which is a loss for you. Additionally, you want to make sure that the threads on the tyre are well-defined so there is proper friction as well. Learn how to replace a tyre as well, so in case of an emergency, you are able to quickly change it instead of waiting for help.