How To Make Barista-Worthy Coffee From The Comfort Of Your Home

In our opinion, take away coffee is one of the biggest modern day blessings. As long and tiring as our days tend to be sometimes, we can use all the help we can get. But what if you are not in a place that had easy access to brewed coffee? What do you do then? Why, make your own magic in a cup, of course! Here’s how to make your own professional tasting cup of coffee.

Quality Makes All The Difference

The quality of your coffee is largely affected by the quality of your coffee beans. Whether you prefer roasted or unroasted, local or imported, the coffee beans that you start off with should be of the best quality you can afford. If you are not very familiar with coffee bean varieties, try subscribing to a monthly coffee subscription box. This will help you get familiar with different varieties and brands of coffee, for a small monthly price. And the best part? You wouldn’t have to have the same variety of coffee twice in a row!

The Right Machines For The Job

The right coffee press or a good quality coffee brewing machine will certainly help you make a great cup of coffee. However, this might be enough for only the basic type of coffee. If you want to make fancier coffees, either for guests or for yourself, you might have to invest in a few barista accessories. From digital scales to drink shakers and mixing glasses, you can decide what to get for your kitchen, depending entirely on how fancy or adventurous you want to get at the coffee front. Remember that you need not get all your accessories or fancy supplies at once. You can slowly add to your collection as your expertise increases accordingly.

Learning The Right Techniques

Unfortunately, the secret to a terrific cup of glorious coffee doesn’t rely entirely on the quality of the beans or the equipment used. These definitely help individually, but it is only when combined with the right techniques that you make magic happen. Learning the right techniques is simple enough. From lessons at your local coffee shops to free tutorials on video sharing platforms online, you can definitely brush up on your techniques with the help of these. Remember that practicing makes a tremendous difference, so before you plan on calling your friends over for a coffee party, do take the time to practice, practice and practice!

When Presentation Takes It That Extra Mile

whether you admit it or not, the right presentation will take your well-prepared cup of coffee to that next level. Here, the cup you serve it in plays the major role. The right size and the right shape is what you have to keep an eye out for. Apart from this, things like what you serve with your coffee (cakes, cookies, biscuits or by itself) and what you serve your coffee on (apart from the cups, trays and accompanying trimmings) also make a great difference.