Proper Sitting Positions You Should Start Adopting

Due to lousy sitting habits, a lot of people are starting to complain about many body aches and illnesses at a very young age. Some even have postures that put a lot of stress to their body especially to their back which could be detrimental to your body and health as you age. And if you are aiming to correct your posture, it would take a lot of training.  So how do you adjust your sitting position?

Follow the Right Angle Rule

There’s this existing right angle rule where your legs and back should be in a right angle position whenever you sit. The same thing when you place your arms on the desk, it should also be in right angle position. This angle relaxes your back and aligns your spine.

To do this, you should sit up with your back in straight position, while your buttocks touch the end of the hair. As to not pressure your legs, distribute your body weight evenly on both of your hips. Don’t put your feet in a tiptoe position. When you look for a seat, make sure that your feet are kept flat on the floor.

When you sit, you have to make sure that your knees are at the same height or could be a bit lower than your hips. Although there’s a correct sitting position, you should avoid sitting for long hours because it could wear out your muscles and make blood circulation in your body slowly. Make sure to take at least 10-15 breaks for every hour of sitting.

Choose a Proper Seat

Some chairs are specifically designed to help you correct your posture when sitting. Most of the people nowadays are working 9 to 5 jobs and have to sit still in the office for long arms. However, it doesn’t mean that your back has to suffer when there are saddle seats that you can use. These saddle seats are shaped like saddles that are placed at the end of the horse to ride them. It maintains correct spinal alignment and leg circulation. To know more about Bambach saddle seat, it is best to ask a chiropractor with regards to saddle seat specifications that best suit your body frame.

Customize Your Workspace

If you’re working in front of the computer and would frequently require you to sit for extended hours, it is best to customize your workspace. It can be done by placing your monitor at arm’s length. You should also install a standing desk so that you will not work on your computer in a sitting position all the time.

To know if you’re posture has improved, it is best to make a mental check at least every 5 to 10 minutes. If you have a terrible position, don’t panic as this can be corrected. It takes a lot of discipline, time and commitment to make it successful. Once you achieve the correct posture, you have to maintain it and practice the exercises to maintain the proper posture.