How to Start an Exercise Program?

Exercising or working out is essential for staying healthy and keeping excess fat away from your body. Doctors highly recommend everyone to exercise, especially those of us who sit in front of a computer for the good part of the day. If you don’t’ exercise now, you may have to pay for it later in life with a nasty disease. Therefore, the time is right now to design yourself a good workout program. Here are the tips.

Assess Your Current Health Condition

Before you go on to design a workout regimen, it’s important first to assess how healthy you are right now. Are youof average weight, overweight or obese? Do you have pre-existing heart conditions? Your current medical condition would definitely affect the type of exercises you can engage in. If you are overweight, you might not be able to do certain exercises right away. If you have any pre-existing medical conditions, you might require a doctor’s approval to engage in certain activities. Therefore, consult with your doctor and assess your fitness to exercise first of all. Then you can actually start designing a program.

Go on a Holiday with a Goal in Mind

Are you still feeling so-so about starting to work out? Finding motivation to exercise is much more difficult than actually working out. If you are still unable to motivate yourself, consider going on a weight loss retreat. You will get a firsthand glimpse into what it takes to lose weight in a really fun setting. You can enjoy healthy meals and engage in exciting activities with others who want to shed excess fat just like you. It would be an inspirational setting and you will come home more motivated than ever to start working out.

Start Slow with an Easy Activity

Keep in mind that you won’t be able to jump right in and start running like Usain Bolt or swim like Michael Phelps right away. If you haven’t routinely exercised before, you will have to start gradually and slowly. It will get both your mind and body ready for the rigorous activities ahead. At the start of the program, it’s perfectly fine to try light jogging or power walking for 10 or 20 minutes per day. You can go to the gym once or twice per week with an interval time in between. However, your engagement with the program must gradually increase as time goes on. You can jog for 10 minutes on Monday and Thursday, but the following week it will have to go up to 20 minutes for three days. Increasing intensity is crucial for a good program.

Add Muscle Building Exercises to Your Program

Cardio is not all there is to working out. A good fitness program would include plenty of muscle building exercises. It’s the best way to get fit and stay fit for a prolonged period. Muscle building exercises can be tough. So start slow and get professional help from a gym instructor.

Finally, perfect your program with the help of a professional. It should become regular and more routine as time goes on. After about three months, you can add more activities if you like.