Subtle Signs That You Are Becoming an Alcoholic


While there’s nothing wrong with taking a few shots of tequila during a friend’s birthday party, it’s a whole different thing if you’re taking it regularly like water. Taking booze regularly may leave you to wonder if it’s actually becoming a problem that you need to settle.

At first, you may have a hard time assessing whether you have a drinking problem – or not. But here is where you draw the line: ‘Is it affecting your way of life or impairing relationships?’

There are various reasons why people turn to alcohol. It could be external factors such as stress. It could also be a genetic factor like a family history of alcoholics. Alcoholism alters the way your mind works and how it functions.

Going Beyond Your Limits

You can’t seem to put limits on how much you drink. While this is good on certain occasions, going overboard all the time may be a subtle sign you’re becoming an alcoholic. If you felt that you’ve cultivated a habit of going beyond that expected levels of alcohol consumption, you may have a problem with this.

Your Morning Routine Has Never Been the Same

Getting a frequent hangover could be an indicator that you’re in too deep with alcohol. Going overboard your drinking sprees could interrupt your routine such as a missed workout or preparing your coffee pot the day prior. Think about the times you’ve neglected responsibilities since you’d been drinking and if you’ve skipped minor responsibilities along the way. If so, then you could be struggling with alcohol.

Stress Relieving Buzz

Many turn to alcohol for stress relief. Drinking is a social thing that most often does during certain occasions. But many turn to alcohol to self-soothe stress from work, problems at home, or strained relationships. This is often a common reason why many fall to alcohol dependence.

It has become a pastime

You find yourself involving alcohol in almost all your activities. You’ve replaced everything, social and home life, with drinking. You might be replacing old hobbies that you used to enjoy, meaning you could be trudging on dangerous territory.

Your tolerance to alcohol is building up

Overtime, your body builds up alcohol tolerance. If you used to drink a one to two bottles of beer occasionally, you may find yourself drinking more and more in this phase. You will hardly find any buzz with just a few bottles. Tolerance is an indicator that your body has adapted to cope with higher intakes.

You lose focus at work

Just as alcohol disrupts your morning routines, it may also affect your work performance. This is a subtle tell-tale sign that alcohol is beginning to take its toll on your life. Alcohol disrupts thought patterns and you may not be ‘thinking right’ after a hangover. This makes you prone to arguments, fatigue, frequent headaches, and absences.

Dependence on alcohol is not unnoticed. You may have felt that you may have gone overboard or woke up feeling guilty about what you did. It could also be that you’re frequently wondering what happened before you completely blacked out. Reaching out to your family or close friends is the start of cutting the root of the problem. Seeking help from a professional therapist will help you get through this phase and get your life back on track.