How to Tell If Your Child Has ADHD

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ADHD, also known as Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder affects children of all ages. This condition can shape your child’s behaviour both at home and at school. It isn’t always easy to identify however, as growing children exhibit many of the behavioural symptoms related to it. If you think your child is more troublesome or difficult than usual, perhaps he or she suffers from this condition. Here are three signs children with ADHD display.


All children are unfocused and distracted at some point in time, especially when it comes to studies and school work. However, if you think your child struggles with this problem more than usual, get in touch with pakenham psychology. A psychiatrist can diagnose your child and give you an idea of the best course of treatment. Children who have problems concentrating often get bored easily, even when it comes to simple tasks. Or else, their focus may shift from one thing to another quite quickly, leaving tasks unfinished. They may procrastinate as well. Some children on the other hand, can become overly focused on certain activities, such as playing video games. It might be extremely difficult to pull them away from what they are doing. Not all children with ADHD are boisterous and active either. Some can appear quiet and dreamy. They may not answer when they are spoken to and may seem a thousand miles away. Inattentive children are also forgetful, disorganized, have a poor sense of time and don’t follow instructions.


Impulsive children often do things without thinking and lack self-control. In some situations, this could even be dangerous to themselves and others. They don’t understand the consequences of their behaviour even when corrected. In school, these children are a handful. They may be noisy and disruptive in class, speak out of turn and give inappropriate responses to questions. Children with this trait show no regard for rules or accepted behaviour. They may interrupt people quite rudely and intrude on other people’s activities. They also seek instant gratification and may expect their needs to be met immediately or throw a tantrum if not. When it comes to schoolwork, they don’t follow the instructions and rush through their work to finish it off. Other problems include engaging in risky activities, being unable to work in a group and having a short temper.


Hyperactive children have boundless energy and are over-active. As a result of their short attention spans, they may be unable to stay still for very long. They may fidget and squirm if forced to sit through something that bores them. In class, they might be found drumming on their table or rocking back and forth on their chair. It may be extremely difficult to get these children to relax as they seem to spend most of their time running about or engaging in some kind of physical activity. They cannot usually be brought to work on tasks that require concentration and quietness. Instead they feel most comfortable being loud and unruly. Children who display minor signs of hyperactivity are usually extremely talkative and attention-seeking.

ADHD is a curable condition if you seek treatment for your child without delay.