Tips To Extend Your Hair Length in a Short Timespan

Whether you are merely bored with your look and are looking for a little oomph, or genuinely want your hair to show a little length, the struggle is real. Unless you have super fertile genes that keep your locks growing out like Rapunzel perhaps, there are more than a few girls who have been long battling the problem of hair growth for a while. In fact, most hair products today, claim to promote hair growth and have also made it one of their number 1 selling points. Of course, this does not mean that simply using the shampoo is going to cut it. You need to boost it along, with a little help from these tips.

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Prevent Split Ends

You cannot really prevent split ends as such, but you definitely can get rid of them when they crop up. In other words, you should be booking a haircut every so often, so you can neatly trim out the bottom layer accordingly. Split ends are one of the biggest barriers to hair growth, and something we also tend to neglect a lot. Busy lifestyles do not leave us with much time to book salon appointments, only rushing to do so when we have some sort of engagement to attend. You can even consider certain hair masks that are designed to nourish the ends of hair for strength and vitality.

Extend With Extensions

If you consider yourself a pro on the subject, you could even install them yourself. If not though, it is best you leave the job to a professional. Hair extensions incorrectly applied will be problematic, and even embarrassing, since they have the potential to fall off from your hair when you least expect it. There are two main types to choose from: synthetic, and human hair extensions. As far as length is thickness is concerned, that is entirely up to you. You had best sit down for an initial consultation to figure out what sort of look suits you best.

Reduce the Styling

This is especially important for those who depend on styling products on the regular. Both tools and the products that go with them are bad news for your hair, mainly since the latter is chock-full of chemicals. Much as you might not be able to step out with blow drying your hair, you should keep your hands off it for a while; at least till your hair has had time to recover. Using these methods consistently places an incredible amount of stress on your hair, speeding up hair fall in the process as well.

Turn To Nature

Nature offers some of the life’s best remedies, and it is a pity we do not make better use of them. There are so many useful recipes that have worked throughout generations, aiding in hair growth successfully. If you are completely new to the subject you may need to find your feet at first, but you will also find it to be quite an interesting one. There are plenty of DIY hair masks that you can hunt up online, and they are also quite easy to follow.