What containers are the best for your food

Meal prepping is really helpful for all people that want to eat healthy. This allows you to control your meals and have something that is highly nutritious available whenever the schedule becomes hectic and there is no time to cook. However, meal prepping does mean you need to also master food storage. Storing food in your fridge keeps food unspoiled for longer and Tupperware stands out as the most popular way to store your food.

The problem with Tupperware products is that many do not actually know much about why they should buy them in the first place. There are obviously different alternatives available, as you can see from the Aldi Catalogue. Even so, most people that have been meal prepping for a long time choose Tupperware, even if it is more expensive. Here are some reasons why this is something you should also do:

  • Healthy – Every single Tupperware product is made out of non-toxic, safe, non-carcinogenic materials. No harmful chemicals are released to liquid or food contents. One thing you most likely do not know is that so many food containers out there are made out of materials that will make food bad for you. Tupperware is not like that.
  • Colour Safe – Tupperware is often used as a way to pack your lunch since it is available in numerous trendy colours. All colorants utilized are safe and comply with the requirements set forth by the Council of Europe Committee Of Ministers Resolution AP.
  • Innovative Design – All Tupperware products are designed in a way that they inspire. They are not like the regular plastic containers you are used to. Industrial Design Excellence awards were won so you can be sure that you can use all your Tupperware products with great pride.
  • Top Finish And Quality – Tupperware containers need to go through numerous tests before they are available in stores. Smooth finishes and top-quality design guarantee you will find it a delight to use and hold all the containers. Just think about the fact that one product mould used by Tupperware costs around $100,000.
  • Safe In The Microwave – You most likely do not know this but many containers you use for food storage cannot be used inside your microwave oven. Tupperware products can be used in any microwave oven due to the chosen materials that are completely safe for high heat.
  • Environment-Friendly – This is one thing that may come as a surprise but when you choose Tupperware you actually protect the environment. That happens because of the fact that all Tupperware products last a long period of time. They do not degrade as fast as with regular plastic bottles and bags or Styrofoam containers. You practically end up throwing away other items more often so choosing Tupperware does help mother nature.

Lifetime Warranty

Last but not least, Tupperware products have a lifetime warranty you can take advantage of. This covers peeling, cracking and chipping under regular non-commercial use. If there is a defect in function or material, any Tupperware Business Center can be visited and a free replacement will be offered.